Letter to Next Year

High school is difficult for the people that aren’t prepared for it and are lazy period. A way to successfully survive high school is to turn things on time, that’s the general and most important rule in high school. Missing only one paper can bring your grade down in a snap. I know it sounds hard right now but it will get so much easier when you get the hang of it. During high school one thing that you will hear a lot is “I hate freshmen” and honestly it’s the truth some freshman aren’t mature and tend to play around a lot, but just ignore them and show the upper class man that not all of them are immature. High school is so much fun but hard at the same time, mostly if you get advanced classes like Accelerated Biology. I had Accelerated Biology as a freshman and their was a lot of homework, papers, and essays to do but in general it is amazing and you have a lot of fun by doing amazing experiments and labs. Some include dissecting a frog and worm. All of the classes you take are going to be hard depending on if you like the material and are good at it but just turn in your work and your grades will be good. Good luck in high school and try not to get in trouble or go in the bad directions because it doesn’t take you anywhere.


Music is my best friend,

It understands me,

knows what to say,

and it’s there when looking for safety,

music is comfort,

music is emotion,

music gives your heart a voice,

and music is the rhythm of life


The First blog I commented on was India’s blog. I commented on the post called “My Favorite Place.” I Said, “Hey India it was really entertaining to your post and about your interest. I would also like to visit Paris I find it very beautiful and authentic. One thing I love about going to different places is the different food you eat. I wonder how spaghetti taste over their in Paris, I’ve heard that the spaghetti I eat here in America is so much different than what it actually is in France.”

Secondly, I visited Daniel’s learning . I commented on the post called “My 10 Favorite Foods.” I said, “Hi Daniel it is so unique that people do post about food, I also enjoy food. One thing I love about food is that they come from all around the world. I also like apples but they have to be yellow apples, what kind of apples do you like?

Thirdly, I visited Carmella’s Blog. I commented on the post called “Blogging.” I said, “Hi Carmella I like your name it kind of sounds like caramel. I also agree with you the blogging challenge has been very fun, at first I thought it would be very strange because it had to deal with talking to different people which you don’t know but I ended up liking it. It is very interesting to communicate with people all around the world.

Fourthly,  visited Liu’s Ludicrous Blog. I commented on the post called “10 Things that Make Me Happy.” I said, “I loved reading about your interest and things that make you happy  most of what you said also make me happy. One thing I Iove, love, love is music, I enjoy listening to it everyday at every moment of the day. What kind of music do you like I like listening to Reggaeton, I made a post about it on my blog if you would like to check it out the link to it is http://katherinemedrano.edublogs.org/2017/04/29/music/#respond

Lastly, I visited  Pia-Marie’s Blog. I commented on the post called “Greatest series ever- Vampire Diaries”  I said, “Hi Pia it was really interesting to read about Vampire Diaries it seems like a good series to watch. When you were describing it, it kind of sounded like Hansel and griddle with twilight mixed in it. Many people have suggested Vampire dairies to me but I haven’t had the time to watch it. One series I would recommend would be Scream Queens, It’s a scary and mysterious series, I know you’ll enjoy it.”

I picked to comment on these post because they were the ones that most stuck out to me when playing the Count out three game

Escape from Reality

One thing that has definitely helped me throughout my life is music. I definitely love listening to music, everyday and every time of the day. I love listening to the beat and how the singer comes about singing the song. I’m into Reggaeton, Reggaeton is a form of music which comes from the Puerto Rican origin, It uses Latin rhymes, hip-hop, and rap.  This is the only type of music I listen to, obviously I have favorite artist but I don’t favor all of them like Bad Bunny. I have many favorite artist but my top 5 are Arcangel, J. Balvin, Maluma, Wisin, and Ozuna.

One reason I like Reggaeton is because of its lyrics. The ones I listen to typically speak about love, lovers, and life. When I listen to them I feel free as if I’m not the only one with problems. Right now i’m facing a problem with my boyfriend and my family, when I listen to music about love it makes me imagine a perfect world. I love listening to the parts of a song where they talk about escaping, I’m not saying that I’m going to escape but I like to imagine. When I listen to that type of songs I just hope everything was a lie, that we weren’t in the reality we are in.  Music is my way of escaping from this world at least for a few minutes. Everyone has their way in which they escape reality, some use art and others only with sleep but for me it’s with music.

When I listen to Reggaeton it makes me feel various ways, it makes me cry, it makes me dance, and it makes me sing. If I were to be without Reggaeton I would be lost in a world full of problems and without escape. Music helps me relax, think, and helps me find solutions. When I’m sad I feel like music is my best friend, it understands me, knows what to say, and it’s lyrics make me feel at home. I don’t use music only in bad times but also the good ones, music makes the moment become special and it revives many good old memories.

photo by Prisa Radio

Katherine’s Family

I’m not going to bore you or take away much of your time with my story by describing every little detail about my family, so here is the basics about my family, Katherine’s family. I’m Katherine Medrano I have two younger sisters, one brother, a mom, and a step dad. My family consists of me, Yasmin, April, Alex, Julieta, and Edgar. When I was only three Years old my dad left, my mom was left alone with me and at the time newborn sister Yasmin. Even though my mom and dad got divorced, my sister April and brother Alex are still my father’s biological daughter and son. During the years my mom has had a hard time getting along but we made it. I’m so proud of how hard she fought for us and to keep us well. Last year when she met her now boyfriend Edgar she could finally relax and take it easy. Currently my father is in Mexico he had 2 kids with my “step mother” and is struggling to survive. Last time I talked to him was 2 years ago, the only way I know he is alive is because my aunts show pictures to my mom and my mom shows them to me, it’s like a chain reaction. Even though he wasn’t and isn’t the best father I still love him with all my heart and would do anything for him.


What does it mean to be poor? Everyone complains about the simplest things but have you thought about what people in poverty have to go through? What Homeless people have to deal with everyday? People like you and me go through many obstacles a day some like fighting with sibling and not getting good grades but what’s the real problem here? When will bigger problems like poverty be solved and what is being done about it now?

Poverty occurs all around the world but it starts from where it begins. According to Quora ” Children of poor parents are likely to stay poor their entire life.” This meaning that it can’t and will not change if it doesn’t begin with the parents doing something about it first. Everyone deserves to have education and to have a future that they can be proud of but the poverty numbers have doubled since 1976 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Many poverty problems  raise the cost of being in poverty and make it much more difficult for the poor to enter the labor market and businesses that would give them a chance of getting out of poverty. The truth about poverty is that most of the people needing the help to achieve what they want end up not getting it. State of Poverty declares that “ In many states, TANF and food stamps combined don’t even get people to half of the poverty line, and a substantial majority of poor families don’t receive TANF at all.”  The government gives the people that are struggling  many options but it ends up not being enough. The government isn’t the only one that should deal with this problem because it also has to do with us, the people. This is our community and we should begin making a change. Things that can be done are things like supporting the people in need, getting everyone involved, and to help tighten the  government’s help to ending poverty.

Poverty occurs all around the world but it starts from where it begins. Many people suffer everyday trying to survive and we as the people should do more things about poverty. Poverty numbers are raising and we can help to lower them or at least slow down the numbers. The government is helping but it just isn’t enough. At least we can say that we are looking into these problems even though it isn’t helping much. We should pay attention to important things that make the place we live in a better place. Instead of judging and acting like there isn’t a problem everyone should stand up for the people that need your help because we don’t know what might happen to us the next day.




Photo by Jukka Kervinen





How To Comment

A reasons into why you might not comment on a certain post is because you may not know how to, these are some steps on how to comment. First actually read a post that interests you. Doing this can encourage you to leave a good comment, not like the common ones that go like this “Hi my name is blank go check out my blog.” Secondly at the bottom of the post there’ll be a comment link, after clicking that I’ll take you to a different page where you can write your comment and probably let you see other comments that were made on the same post. Lastly you’ll write your comment, fill in the anti-spam words that proves you are a human, and finally click submit. I like reading comments I receive from people all around the world but I honestly dislike when someone doesn’t take the time to read my post and says out of the bloom things that doesn’t have anything to do with my post and or blog. Overall there aren’t many people like that and thanks to you that actually take your time to comment probably, I appreciate it.

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